IMAGE: Father Dennis Kucharczyk

A priest with the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw is under investigation after he was accused of misconduct with a minor.

Father Dennis Kucharczyk was placed on administrative leave earlier this week. He served at churches in Hemlock, Merrill and Ryan.

“Obviously, it’s always disappointing when these things happen,” Bishop Walter Hurley said.

Kucharczyk has been placed on administrative leave by the Diocese of Saginaw earlier this week. He is accused of misconduct with a minor several years ago.

“I learned about it on Saturday morning and he was removed on Sunday afternoon,” Hurley said.

On Friday, May 24, TV5 obtained the affidavit for a search warrant from March 2018 regarding the allegations against Kucharczyk. According to the document, the alleged abuse began in the late ‘80s and involved a young girl at Blessed Sacrament in Midland.

The alleged victim described how Kucharczyk would constantly hug her and kiss her on the cheek, hold her hand in the parking lot, and give her small gifts when he would return from trips.

Then, while in a dark classroom, the alleged victim described how Kucharczyk put his arms around her waist and both hands on the inner part of each thigh.

The alleged victim stated as the years went on, Kucharczyk’s behavior continued, including writing letters to her which she described as “gushy and lovey” type letters.

She stated Kucharczyk would repeatedly tell her if she was to run away from home she could stay with him at the rectory.

Kucharczyk supposedly presided over his alleged victim’s wedding, when at one point he allegedly kissed her on the lips. She had had enough and confronted him.

The alleged victim says she agreed to meet with him at the rail trail in Midland where Kucharczyk immediately put his arm around her and said, “boy, what did we get ourselves into.”

The affidavit also states the victim reported these incidents to the Catholic church in 2010, but says she never heard back.

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