Affidavit: Man tried to buy young girl for sex, marriage


A man has been charged after allegedly texting an undercover agent in an attempt to buy a young girl to have sex with and eventually marry and have children with.

He is accused of attempted enticement and attempted manufacture of child porn.

According to federal court documents obtained by TV5, Josh Waldrop was arrested on Nov. 16, months after investigators confirm they began their investigation.

WARNING: Some of the information below contains graphic language.

According to a probable cause affidavit, in July 2017 the Flint Area Narcotics Group (FANG) identified Waldrop through an undercover operation.

During the operation, as the affidavit states, police exchanged text messages with Waldrop who said he wanted to “purchase a girl from the age of 7 to 10-years-old for $100 per month, so that he could have continued access to her for the purpose of sex, and so that she could be his wife and bear his children when she gets older."

When the undercover officer told Waldrop he had an 8-year-old girl and two 10-year-old girls, Waldrop allegedly said he wanted a “virgin blonde girl,” who was “like 2 or 3 years younger,” according to the documents.

The documents show when the undercover officer asked if the 8-year-old girl would do, Waldrop asked if she would be able to spend the night and also asked, “is anal an option?”

The text conversation ended after investigators said Waldrop repeatedly asked for a picture of the 8-year-old girl.

According to the affidavit, in October 2017 the undercover officer re-initiated contact with Waldrop and he again asked for a picture saying “I don’t need a sexual picture I just need a regular picture of her.”

After the undercover cop sent two pictures of a clothed female, referred to as “Sarah,” Waldrop allegedly replied, “She’s really cut man idk if I could pay for it through I’m looking for a wifey.”

The officer sent another picture of Sarah and Waldrop replied “And she looks like wifey material I can afford her in a relationship non else,” followed by “I can feed her and out a roof over her head and buy her a phone is about all if she stays faithful to me,” according to the documents.

The officer told Waldrop he wouldn’t be able to legally marry Sarah since she’s 10-years-old.

Waldrop allegedly replied, “I understand that but eventually she would be my wife. Keep it on the hush hush then me and her can talk about how we met 20 years later lol.”

As Waldrop and the officer began to discuss Sarah, the affidavit states he made several derogatory statements, including “I just don’t want her if she is touched by another man” and asking “Is she small?”

Waldrop then went on to ask for a nude selfie and when he wasn’t sent one the affidavit states he said, “I want to see her fully naked to see how small she is then I need to see her highman”, followed by more derogatory statements.

Later in the conversation, as the officer and Waldrop discussed dropping Sarah off, the affidavit stated he said he was in a specific hotel in Burton.

On Nov. 6 the officer said he went to the hotel and spoke to the manager who positively identified a Michigan driver’s license photograph of Josh Waldrop and stated he was staying there. The manager then checked the hotel records and said Waldrop rented the room in May of 2017 and paid for it through the month of November 2017.

The affidavit states on Nov. 16, 2017, the FBI searched the room and located Josh Waldrop. He was interviewed and the affidavit states when the text exchanges with the officer were read aloud to him, Waldrop confirmed he sent the text messages.

In the affidavit, Waldrop told the FBI he just wants a wife who is clean and pure who he can settle down with, unlike the prostitutes he looks for on

Waldrop allegedly told the FBI he has asked women from Backpage, a social media hook-up site, in the past if they had a daughter, but has not been as successful in finding a girl as he recently was.

While discussing his text messages, Waldrop repeatedly stated he was looking for a long-term relationship, marriage and to have children, according to the affidavit. He went on to say “age is not important.”

The affidavit states during the course of the interview, Waldrop agreed he needs help for his sexual desires and promised that he would never again solicit underage girls for prostitution.

"He seemed like he was a cool guy," said Timothy Crater, Waldrop's neighbor.

Crater was surprised to hear his neighbor is facing criminal charges for crimes against children.

"I'm just lost for words," Crater said.

It turns out this wasn't Waldrop's first brush with the law.

According to court documents, in 2013 Burton police investigated Waldrop for a potential criminal sexual conduct of a young family member. Waldrop is accused of asking that family member to have sex with him.

The documents go on to state Waldrop said he has been accused of this sort of thing in the past.

Those same documents said Waldrop claimed to have been offered children.

As for Crater, he said he still can't believe what Waldrop is accused of. If he is convicted of the charges against him, Crater wants to see justice.

"He gets what he deserves. That's not right, you know, to be with some kids," Crater said.

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