IMAGE: Bobby Jamar Younger

The Oakland County attorney for a Flint man imprisoned for up to 50 years said he has been released after serving only 12 years.

Bobby Jamar Younger is the alleged leader of Flint’s Merrill Street Hood Gang and was convicted in 2006 for five felony charges.

His attorney, David L. Moffitt, of Bingham Farms, stated that Younger’s sentence on assault with intent to murder, armed robbery, felony fire arms and felon in possession of a firearm has been served in full.

Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Yuille ordered the release after attorneys learned that the charges were based on perjured testimony from rival gang members.

Younger was charged in connection with the shooting of a Pierson Hood Gang member and shooting at the mother of Garner Wood. Wood and his mother testified at Younger’s trial denying the existence of the Pierson Hood Gang, or any participation in it.

During his investigation, Moffitt found documents that Wood had sworn under oath to having an altercation with Younger only hours before the shooting, and that he was a Pierson Hood Gang member.

The testimony was concealed during the Younger trial, along with other crimes Wood was involved in.

“We started investigating four years ago,” said Moffitt. It took until now to research and corroborate all the conflicting testimony and prove that Mr. Younger’s trial had been thoroughly perjured and that the prosecution knew it.”

As a result of finding the perjury Moffitt petitioned the court to release Younger on time served.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton defended the work of the assistant prosecutor, whom Merritt identified as Karen Hanson.

Leyton said the assistant prosecutor had been working on 10 to 15 cases at the time and didn’t realize that the testimony given by three witnesses was false.

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