A trio of local animal control officers ditched their warm beds for a blanket of snow.

Friday night, three officers from Saginaw County Animal Control spent the evening out in the cold.

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Two were given nothing but a dog house and straw, while the other was chained-up in the elements.

It's an effort to raise awareness for animals who are left out in freezing cold temperatures.

The officers documented their experience via Facebook Live. A group of students also analyzed the effect of weather on the officers. The kids monitored their temperatures and comfort levels throughout the night to provide vital, real-life information on what animals endure in the cold.

"Right now my neck and my shoulders hurt from this heavy chain," Animal Control Officer Tricia Barnes said.

She spent the night in a dog house with a heavy chain around her neck.

"This chain is so cold," Barnes said.

There were only blankets in her dog house to keep her warm.

"The snow goes inside and freezes the blankets," Barnes said.

Animal Control Officer Joquin Guerrero was a little warmer with straw.

"I don't care what it is. It's still cold," he said.

The third officer, Anthony Trevino, didn't even have a dog house.

"I'm just crazy I guess," Trevino said.

He said they find animals without any shelter all the time.

"One a couple of weeks ago that happened to freeze to death over night," Trevino said.

The officers kept track of their temperatures, food and water bowls.

They hope by struggling through the cold night the world will see how dangerous it can be to leave an animal in the cold.

"We're here to do this for the animals. We're their voice. We're here to speak for them," Guerrero said.

The event ran from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. at Apple Mountain in Freeland.

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