Apartment complex repaving project creates headache for tenants, homeowners

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An apartment complex parking lot is under construction and turning out to be a major pain for dozens of people in one Mid-Michigan community, including nearby homeowners.

They said their driveways are being blocked by tenants parking on the streets. They want to know why the city is letting it happen and how much longer they will have to endure it.

"It's been pretty rough," said Clint Diffin, homeowner.

Diffin said his street has turned into a bottleneck. The glut of vehicles is making it hard for him to earn a living.

"I've missed one day of work this week and I've been late going into work one day because of not being able to get out of the driveway. I actually had to drive through the neighbor's to get out," Diffin said.

The source of Diffin's frustration is a repaving project at the Beech Trail Apartment Complex down the street. Because of the construction tenants are forced to park elsewhere.

Diffin believes the Montrose City manager isn't doing enough to enforce parking rules. He said four wheelers are blocking driveways and mailboxes. There was even one car blocking a fire hydrant.

"We got to park close this way because we got to haul everything and groceries and stuff like that. You know what I'm saying? Making that long walk because we got to park down there, but I live in this apartment over here. You know what I'm saying," said Trent Skinner, tenant.

Skinner said he wants upset homeowners to have an open mind when it comes to car after car parked in front of their house.

"What if they were getting their driveway done and they had to park on the road," Skinner said.

Other residents said they are fed up with Beech Trail management, insisting the work on the parking lot has gone at a snail's pace.

Tenants said the lack of work if bad for everyone.

"A lot of people on the street have signs up not to block their driveways or block their post office boxes, but I mean we don't really have any other choice. We don't like it anymore than they do," said Robert Lapan, tenant.

TV5 stopped by the apartment complex's manager's office, but no one was there. They also called the company performing the work and were told the project is expected to be completed by Wednesday afternoon.

As for Diffin, he is hoping the problems between tenants and homeowners are resolved soon.

"It's got to be tough for them. It's not that I'm upset with the residents as much. I know they got to go somewhere, but there needs to be common ground," Diffin said.

The city manager said he ordered the police chief to crack down on people who are parking illegally.

The city manager wants everyone to know they are not to block driveways, mailboxes or fire hydrants with their vehicles.

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