Army veteran wants to help step up school security

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A local man said he is willing to provide a sense of security for a school in his area.

“As a kid I didn’t have to think about that. So, it’s tragic in the sense that they do,” said Ted Meckley, Army veteran.

Safety is on the minds of parents, students and teachers across the nation amid a culture of mass shootings.

While there are different ideas on how to end this gun violence, Meckley said he is taking matters into his own hands.

“A presence there, knowing that someone’s there being vigilant. Keeping an eye on things while they’re engaged throughout the day,” Meckley said.

Meckley served in the Army for 20 years. He retired as the rank of sergeant first class and has been deployed in some of the most violent countries in the world.

He said he is an expert in handling dangerous emergency situations and he thinks his skills could make a difference in protecting students, if it ever came down to it.

He is offering up his time free of charge because he wants to see all of this violence stop.

“The experience definitely helps and I think just having the presence there of someone who knows how to react would be helpful,” Meckley said.

Aside from having the skills to protect and defend a school that could come under attack, Meckley is also a father and knows how important it is to connect with young people.

“Interact with the kids, get relationships built. And have the opportunity to then work with maybe a student or be attentive to someone maybe who looks like they’re out of place or maybe needs some attention,” Meckley said.

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