It’s been a long journey, but a wayward dog is finally home.

Benny the dog has been reunited with one of his owners in California, after being found in Michigan.

Bay County Animal Control said law enforcement officers brought in Benny as a stray on on March 22.

The two-and-a-half-year-old lab/pit mix was microchipped, but staffers said the information on the chip was for a prior owner stationed on a military base in Tennessee.

In April, Benny was featured on Bay County’s weekly Facebook video which highlights various cats and dogs available for adoption.

IMAGE: Benny

That’s when staffers were contacted by a family in Modesto, California, claiming to be Benny’s humans.

"We have not had an incident like this in all of the time I've served as the manager of animal control," said Mike Halstead, with Bay County Animal Control. "They saw Benny on Facebook and wished his return."

"To have found a dog in our drop box, put there by a police officer, and we don't know where he picked him up - but somewhere in Bay County, obviously. And then to be notified by a family in California that we had their dog was really a shock to all of us," Halstead said. "He's a high energy dog, I'm sure his owners are going to appreciate his return."

It appears Benny had escaped shortly before the family had moved to California, and somehow, he traveled from Clarksville, Tennessee to Bay County.

"We were like in the process of literally packing up our whole house. And I'm guessing one of the movers left the gate open or something and we never saw Benny again," said Gabby McAndrew, Benny's owner.

The McAndrews were moving to Medosta, California because McAndrew's husband, who serves in the Army, was being deployed.

For months after the move, McAndrew said she scoured social media pages searching for Benny. Thanks to the Facebook post by the Bay County Animal Control, she found him.

After some planning, Benny flew out of Flint Bishop on May 21 to be reunited with his family in San Francisco.

"What's a dog that went missing three months ago in California doing back in Bay City? And we have no idea whatsoever as to how it got here, but we're more than happy to unite the original owners with the dog," Halstead said.

It's a happy ending that McAndrew had long given up on.

"We cried. We literally cried. He's my husband's dog," McAndrew said. "I couldn't believe it. We honestly thought that he might have been dead because we couldn't find him."

McAndrew was excited for the reunion.

"I can't even describe how excited I am because it's crazy. Like, he was lost for so long and then like his reaction, I already know that he is going to squeal. He likes to squeal, so really excited," McAndrew said.

Benny arrived in the Golden State late Tuesday night. His owner will never forget what the people of Mid-Michigan did for her four-legged loved one.

benny leaving airport

Source: KPIX

"We're so grateful, everything that they've done. Like, I want to cry just talking about it. Like, it's just really emotional and I'm so happy that they took care of Benny because I know he's a handful," McAndrew said.

While McAndrew got to see Benny on Tuesday, she said her husband won't be reunited with his pet until February. She planned to share the news with him via FaceTime.

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