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Sheila Iseler was loved.

"Very outgoing," her mother-in-law Marsha Maschke said. "She loved her horses, her animals."

And even more, Iseler, 40, loved her daughters and her husband, Jeremy.

"If somebody needed something, Sheila was there," Maschke said. "She would take abandoned animals and make them better. Just always helping somebody all the time."

But now Maschke is the one looking for help. Searching, since a cold February afternoon in 2017.

"Jeremy called and he said 'mom, I lost Sheila," Maschke said. "So, I just ran out and took off. To this day I just can't believe she's gone."

Sheila died in a crash at Dunn and Maxwell roads in Huron County. Police said the other driver was driving up to 90-miles-per hour. Investigators said the driver blew past a stop sign and into Sheila.

"Her truck was in pieces," Maschke said. "The motor was in one spot. The back end was in another spot. We never did get to see her. I don't think we did want to see her either."

But there is something Maschke's family desperately wanted to see and hasn't.

They want the jewelry Sheila wore, her wedding ring and a motherhood ring. If the family could find out what happened to it, it would bring Maschke peace.

"It would show that all in all there's honest people and to have part of Sheila back," Maschke said.

And to do that it means finding out what happened to Sheila after the crash. The first on scene was the Huron County Sheriff's Department.

"I really do feel bad for the family," Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson said. "If it hasn't shown up by now, it likely isn't going to. I'm very sorry it happened at all. It didn't have to happen, but it did."

Sheriff Hanson said as much as he'd like to help Sheila's family, his department wouldn't have removed her jewelry.

"We haven't inventoried the victim's body looking for valuables or anything," Sheriff Hanson said. "The pathologist would want the body to show up the way it was found."

An autopsy needed to be performed. But before that, Sheila's body was taken from Huron County to Ann Arbor's Gift of Life. She was an organ donor.

TV5 talked with a spokeswoman for the Gift of Life in Ann Arbor over the phone. She said they have documentation that Sheila had her rings on when she came to Gift of Life; and left to come to Lapeer for her autopsy.

"As hard as we try, as hard as other institutions try to hang on to everything, every once in a while, something gets lost," Huron County Medical Examiner Russell Bush said.

Medical Examiner Bush said they wouldn't have removed any jewelry unless it was in the way of procedure.

"We do have a picture that shows it's in place at the time of autopsy," Medical Examiner Bush said. "If we had taken anything off, it would've been put in the body bag with the decedent body. So, it still would've gone to the funeral home afterwards."

But there is a silver lining. Medical Examiner Bush says his office is working to make sure this never happens again.

"What we've done is changed our policies about working with decedent with jewelry on," Medical Examiner Bush said. "If it's not a case where the jewelry is part of the evidence, what we try to do now is remove the jewelry and give it to a family member."

TV5 reached out to the funeral home owner for comment. He wouldn't tell us the name of the crematorium or body removal service that picked up Iseler.

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