A Tuscola County man was left waiting for diabetes equipment for two weeks because of shipping delays.

“I said, 'tell me you didn't use FedEx.' Of course, that's who they used," said Michael Sines, resident.

He says that's the conversion he had with the provider of his glucose monitor that he uses for diabetes.

He became worried after he noticed a delay in his Christmas delivery.

According to his tracking number, that Christmas package was shipped from New Jersey on December 3 and arrived at the Saginaw County facility December 5.

As of now the scheduled delivery to Cass City is pending.

Sines glucose monitors were shipped from Wixom, Michigan December 2 and arrived at the Saginaw County facility December 4. With scheduled delivery set for two weeks later on December 18.

Sines says he called FedEx looking for answers.

"She said yeah it's here. It's in a truck somewhere. No telling when it's going to get out to you," Sines said

He said he's upset he has to wait two weeks for medical supplies that is just an hour's drive away.

"I don't care about Christmas stuff,” he said. “I want my medical stuff that's helping me survive my diabetes."

As we've previously reported, Sines isn't the only person fed up with FedEx.

"I hope I get my laptop before Christmas," Henry Bridges said

We told you about Bay City resident Henry Bridges last Thursday.

At the time he was just hoping to get his package into Michigan. He sent us a screen shot appearing to show his laptop was at the Saginaw County facility December 14.

But an entry time stamped at 2:12 a.m. this morning states the package departed from Perrysburg, Ohio. So, for now bridges continues to wait.

Back in Cass City, shortly after our interview, Sines called us to tell us his glucose monitors had arrived, a day earlier than the scheduled delivery date.

But that doesn't change his opinion on FedEx.

"I'm disappointed. I tell people don't send FedEx," he said.

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