Residents are telling TV5 that they are getting the run-around from the company each time they call about their delayed order. They want TV5 to ask the tough question and find out why deliveries aren't being made.

Families in the Thumb are furious over FedEx orders that aren’t reaching their doorstep.

Residents are telling TV5 that they are getting the run-around from the company each time they call about their delayed order. They want TV5 to ask the tough questions and find out why deliveries aren’t being made.

“I ordered a package on Black Friday and it was supposed to be delivered on the third of December, it didn’t show up,” resident Chris Davis said.

Davis is like a lot of other people in the Thumb who are fed up with FedEx.

Residents are claiming that packages are not being delivered to places like Cass City, Caro, Croswell, and other locations throughout the Thumb.

Davis said he thinks everything is worked out and he may finally receive his package.

“Took a little bit of headache and wear and tear to get the package re-sent. But I’m a little nervous after seeing all those comments that my package is actually going to be delivered like it’s supposed to again,” Davis said.

TV5 reached out to FedEx for comment. They gave this response:

"The FedEx networks are flexing as designed to accommodate the Peak season surge of packages and deliver the holidays to our customers.  We are pleased to work directly with customers who may experience delays.  Customers can check the status of their shipments on or by calling 1-800-GO-FEDEX."

Davis said he works in the service industry, so he gets it. He hopes FedEx will try to be better.

“They got to be the elves. I mean this is their time of the year to be Santa’s helpers. Just sounds like maybe they’re not staffed, adequately staffed. You know hopefully if they learn from this year that you know maybe they need to get some temp people in there to help make sure that packages are delivered like they’re supposed to be,” Davis said.

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Out of the 12 contractors that are up there, it is only ONE of them that is failing! His name is Chris Jackson with NE Logistics. He's from Florida and he is new and he doesn't know what the heck he's doing! 15 of his employees already walked out on him because he has NO respect and treats them like garbage! I know this because my brother works up there and he told me. He's making everybody up there look bad to. All the other contractors are on schedule and thriving and doing quite well except for him... If you notice it is ONLY the thumb AND Bay City that are struggling which happenS to be his areas... hmmm imagine that... So if you guys are not getting your deliveries on time then take it up with Chris Jackson of NE Logistics


I've been waiting for a package to be picked up by FedEx since 11/30/19 from a place I bought from on Black Friday, It is now 12/13/19 and it still hasn't been picked up. Retailers that used to use UPS are now using FedEx, and I wonder what happened in the shipping market?


By concidence, I was scheduled to receive a package yesterday 12/11/19 "by the end of the day". I did not receive it and then I saw the news! My delivery now too says pending. It reached Saginaw at 3:45 Wednesday 12/11/19 so why didn't I get it? I have called, and "chatted" online and I get no direct answer. I am alot concerned!


My son ordered 2 bowling balls that were supposed to be here on 12/5/19. The driver stopped at the end of the driveway but didn't deliver anything. We received a different package yesterday 12/10/19 on time. We talked to the driver she said she had the bowling balls on the truck but they have other things on them so she couldn't get them. We have called FedEx multiple times and now there isn't even a tracking number. Not sure if we'll ever get our stuff.


At this point if it’s just gonna sit in there warehouse I would gladly go pick it up instead of seeing the post daily on the truck out for delivery by end of day only to see at the end of day nothing and the status again pending.... or not delivery attempt made delivery next business day, this has been going on since this past Saturday. It’s already taken a week at that point n now we are again hoping for tomorrow? Will it come or not? No one can answer this! This is beyond frustrating specially when your owing for 3-5 business day service! It’s been 11 business days so far!


The problem is they had a driver/contractor whatever quit so packages could not delivered.

The bigger problem is the false reporting of the reason packages could not be delivered. They were reporting that the weather was too bad to deliver packages. These "reports" were on days that fedex delivered to the house.

Notifications kept saying out for delivery but the truck/package never left the grounds.

Furthermore, no real response from corporate and absolutely NO response from Saginaw customer service.

I understand they are busy with the time of year but, if you are going to deliver packages to my house, please deliver all of them and return calls made to customer service when customers have issues.

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