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We reached out to DTE for comment and they released a statement.

Mayville families and local leaders are demanding action after they say a light near the high school has been out for months. 

Police say the lack of lighting creates safety hazards for before and after-school activities. Residents told us that DTE was called multiple times to fix the problem, but the issue persists. 

"We're concerned about this street light that hasn't worked all year," said Don Smith, a bus driver for Mayville Community Schools. 

He said the street light at the intersection of Fulton and Wildcat Drive is not working.

"We have kids that cross the crossing walk right there with a crossing guard and it's between two lights and this light don't work," said Smith. "So, it needs to be addressed."

Mayville Police Chief Louis Cook agreed and called the situation a significant problem.

"This one in particular next to the school is our concern because when the kids come early in the morning, it's not even daylight yet," said Cook. "And then, we have a lot of traffic coming in from the south, and it's kind of a pinch point. The busses come out, kids are crossing just up here to go to the elementary. It's fairly dangerous. We're concerned about it."

Nobody from DTE Energy was available for an on-camera interview, but the company did provide us with the following statement:

The safety, reliability and functionality of DTE streetlights in Mayville is of great importance to DTE Energy and our employees.

Regarding the street light at 6250 Fulton Street near the schools, DTE was notified the light was out on October 9 of 2019, and we repaired it on October 11. We were notified on November 19 that it was out again, and we repaired it on November 22. Our light restorations typically happen within three days, which was the case in both instances on this light.

Since November 22, our understanding was that this light was functional, but after being made aware that this light is out again, we are sending a crew to the location now. Given the repeat outages on this light, we will work to replace the entire fixture. Weather permitting, we hope to have the light functioning this evening.

DTE encourages anyone noticing a street light issue to contact our Street Lighting hotline at 1-800-548-4655.

To report a streetlight outage – please click on the link below:

Smith said he hopes the light stays on this time.

"It'd be nice to have that light again," said Smith. 

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