Image: Broken utility pole in Saginaw

A Saginaw woman was frustrated after a city vehicle caused a power outage to her home. After calling and getting no answers, she reached out to TV5 to ask the Tough Questions.

Sandra Jackson was without power for several days after a City of Saginaw vehicle snagged a low-hanging line on a utility pole. Not only did the line come down, but the pole also collapsed next to her home on Webber Street.

“It was very stressful,” Jackson said. “They didn’t want to reimburse me my money.”

The city acknowledged its yard waste truck snagged the line but said that pole was flagged with caution tape on April 5th because it was rotting.

Jackson said she contacted the City and Consumers Energy to get the pole fixed and her power back on, but said she ran into a lot of finger pointing.

“The City was saying it's Consumers’ fault, Consumers’ said it was the City’s fault,” Jackson said.

Consumers told TV5 that the low-hanging line belonged to a third party communications company and it was their line that was snagged by the City truck.

Caught in the middle, Jackson contacted an electrician to restore her power. But it came with a $750 bill. She also had to pay for a hotel and lost food during those days without power.

After all the back and forth, Jackson reached out to TV5 to get some answers.

“Once I did, the ball got rolling and everyone wanted to try to get things right then,” Jackson said.

Consumers Energy told TV5 that they’ll reimburse Jackson for the cost of the electrician as a "good neighbor" gesture. They did not admit to any fault.

Jackson said she’s glad to have her power back without that large repair bill.

“Because I’m a good customer, they said they would reimburse me my money, and I thank God for that,” Jackson said.

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