FedEx deliveries across Mid-Michigan have been delayed numerous times.

FedEx deliveries across Mid-Michigan have been delayed numerous times.

Consumers said they have not gotten anywhere with the company.

On Wednesday, TV5 ran a story about the issue after dozens of people reached out to us saying they were waiting for packages to arrive courtesy of FedEx.

“I saw you on the news last night about the Thumb, but it’s more than the Thumb. It’s here in Bay City too,” said Henry Bridges, resident.

The TV5 Facebook page has been flooded with complaints about FedEx failing to deliver packages on time, or at all. Most of the people reside in the Thumb and believe something is wrong at the FedEx facility in Buena Vista.

Bridges wishes he had that problem. He said he ordered a laptop from Best Buy on Cyber Monday and it was supposed to arrive Dec. 6. He said at last check, his package was in Indiana.

“I’d like to get it to Michigan at least,” Bridges said.

FedEx did issue a statement after TV5’s first story aired saying FedEx networks are flexing as designed to accommodate the peak season surge of packages. Customers who may experience delays can check the status of their shipments on or call 1-800-GO-FEDEX.

Bridges said he did call 1-800-GO-FEDEX.

“I did that, and it didn’t do any good at all,” Bridges said.

A few viewers provided TV5 with tracking numbers for their packages. Here is an example of what is frustrating many residents: A package had a delivery due date of Dec. 3. It arrived at the local FedEx facility on Dec. 4. On Dec. 5, there was a weather delay. On Dec. 7, the package was on vehicle for delivery. The next day there was no attempted delivery. At last check, it still had not been delivered.

Another instance had a delivery due date of Dec. 5. The package arrived at the local FedEx facility on Dec. 7 and was delivered six days late on Dec. 11.

Right now, better late than never is the mantra Bridges is forced to live by.

“I hope I get my laptop before Christmas,” Bridges said.

TV5 reached out to FedEx again about viewer concerns there may be a backlog at the company’s facility in Saginaw County and a lack of drivers.

FedEx responded with a statement saying in part, "Where packages may not have met our service commitments in the Saginaw area, we appreciate our customers’ patience as we work closely with our local service providers to implement contingencies focused on ensuring holiday deliveries make it on time."

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