IMAGE: Dana Nessel

Michigan’s Attorney General is cracking down on parents who don’t pay child support.

Tuesday, Dana Nessel added another successful case to the nearly $4 million in past due child support she’s collected so far this year.

“We take great pride in bringing deadbeat parents to justice and collecting the child support payments vulnerable families are owed,” said Nessel.

Failure to pay child support in Michigan is a felony and the AG's office regularly tracks parents, especially those with a history of domestic abuse, to collect.

In this case a man who left his family back in 1992, taking all of their belongings, fled to the U.S. Virgin Islands and hid for several years.

The attorney general’s office tracked down the man, arresting him at the St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands airport.

Rather than face extradition and felony charges, the man paid the entire amount of the past due child support, which totaled over $111,000.

“Those seeking to shirk their responsibility as parents should heed this warning: This office will do everything we can to find you and make certain your families are properly supported,” Nessel said.

According to Nessel, the family was left destitute when the wife sought refuge in a local women’s shelter. Her husband left home with everything they owned, including the children’s clothes and toys.

The Child, Elder and Family Financial Crimes Division is the investigative arm of the AG's office working to find parents who don't support their children. 

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