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A local college's consolidation plans are forcing some students to add a long commute to their curriculum.

Baker College is shutting down its Flint Township campus and is joining it with several others in the metro Detroit area, with one in Owosso.

Lavelle Welch, a nursing student at Baker College in Flint Township was shocked when he heard that the school would be closing some of its doors for good.

“Initially it was kind of jarring,” Welch said. “Definitely one of those things, I mean you hear about ITT Tech closing and that was a huge thing for the students that went there.”

The college’s President, Bart Daig, wants to ease the fear that comes along with the closure.

“The college is not at risk of closing," Daig said. "It’s just a matter of consolidating some of the multiple locations to a more streamlined enterprise."

Daig said the school will combine the Flint and Owosso locations then move all three metro-Detroit campuses into one central location.

Daig adds that by consolidating they will be able to combine resources and student bodies.

The changes over will not take place until next year.

“We will work with each individual student to ensure that they have a path forward to complete their degree at Baker College,” Daig said.

Welch is gearing up to graduate before his campus closes, but doesn't believe the change will cause any issues for him.

“After I got more information it was a lot more settling," Welch said. "My director got with me, they just sent out an email to try to explain what’s going on."

Along with the consolidation, jobs will be affected but the president said they are working with employees.

They will be offering severance packages and positions at other campuses.

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