High water levels in Bangor Township

Bangor Township said it is working to get sandbags for shoreline residents after a Lake Shore Flood Advisory was issued.

The township said it is working with Bay County and the state of Michigan to provide the sandbags.

Next week, township officials will meet with Army Corp. of Engineers for further assistance.

“With these record high water levels, we know that it is really a question of when, not if, we’re going to get a big flooding event,” said Glenn Rowley, Bangor Township Supervisor.

Rowley said with this season’s exceedingly high water, the time is now for flood zone residents to get prepared and Bangor Township wants to help.

“We want to be proactive on this one, so the residents that want to protect their property, we want them to be able to do that before it happens,” Rowley said. “So we want to try and make available some sandbags and some sand for folks that want to go ahead and do that, let them do that. Because it makes a lot more sense to do that than come in after the fact and have to clean up after the damage.”

Rowley said the initiative is still in the works, but their hope is to provide the sandbags at the Bangor Township hall at no cost to shoreline residents.

But he said if you’re concerned, act now on your own.

“You can get sand at the same home improvement stores. Maybe have a load delivered to your house or talk to your neighbors, get 10 of your neighbors together and go in on 10 yards of sand or something,” Rowley said. “Go ahead and get these bags together so when it does happen, you’re ready to go.”

Living along a river himself, he said he can see it firsthand.

He said it’s just important to start getting a plan together.   

“It’s a very helpless feeling because there’s nothing you can do about it, expect watch the carnage happen,” Rowley said. “So, we really want to give people the opportunity to be proactive and protect their property.”

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