When Matthew Mitchell tried his new cocktail "All on Red," he knew he had a winner on his hands.

"I wanted to highlight the pomegranate juice first off, didn't want to overpower it at all, so we went with like a really subtle like vanilla-caramel tequila, like a lightly aged tequila,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell is a bartender at Bay City's the Public House.

He and the bar entered juice company Pom Wonderful's national cocktail contest and won $10 thousand.

"We have a lot of support in this community, and a lot the social media competitions are a lot about likes and exposure and stuff like that,” Mitchell said.

The money will go a long way toward a small business with just a dozen employees.

"The bars got hit harder than anything I think, you know? Because we don't have food here really, we're just serving brunch,” Mitchell said.

The Public House recently expanded its hours too, and the prize helps with pandemic relief and recovery.

"Your margins aren't quite as high as some place that can use kind of like an off-brand vodka and some cheaper mixers when we're making everything from scratch,” Mitchell said.

Now with the questions out of the way, TV5 got a chance to go on the other side of the counter to see what making everything from scratch really looked like.

The recipe isn't that hard to follow; two ounces of tequila, filled up to the top of an old-fashioned glass, an ounce and a half of Pom wonderful pomegranate juice, half an ounce of orgeat syrup, a quarter ounce of ginger syrup, a couple dashes of walnut bitters and shake.

Pour, garnish, and voila!

Along with the prize money, the Public House gets a year-long supply of Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice.

So, you can expect "All on Red" to be a regular on the menu for quite a while.

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Bill C.

"...social media competitions are a lot about likes..."

True. Which means that as long as you can get enough people to say it tastes like heaven, you win. Even if it actually is utter dreck.

Exactly how we ended up with Brandon in the White House, as it turns out. I am sure this drink is actually pretty good though, it sounds awesome. Next time I am in BC I will definitely check it out.

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