Image: Bay City construction

Construction in Bay City is causing trouble for drivers hoping to get from the east side to the west side over the Saginaw River.

MDOT shut down westbound Veterans Memorial Bridge on Tuesday, April 16. It will remain closed until May 15.

On Wednesday, one lane of westbound Liberty Bridge was also shut down.

Liberty Bridge connects the downtown area on the east side to the Midland St. Historic District on the west side.  Veterans Memorial Bridge is part of state highway M-25.

Businesses located between the bridges have noticed more traffic congestion than usual.

“Our parking hasn’t been overly affected by that, but just getting around has been a little harder,” Tyler King, CEO of My Secret Garden said.

King’s business is located across from the Veteran’s Bridge. He said that while traffic isn’t really slowing down business, it’s slowing down the commute across the east and west sides of Bay City.

“What we have noticed is out front, there’s a lot of people pulling up to the street here and then kind of getting confused when they see the bridge is closed because they didn’t know. So, they’re kind of trying to figure out where to go, what they’re going to do, and how they’re going to get around,” King said.

Commuters said that the construction is more of an inconvenience rather than an issue.

“It hasn’t been bad for me because I live in the city,” Shelly King, Bay City resident said.

Shelly has been living in Bay City for over 20 years. She said construction being done around the bridge is nothing new. She thinks it would be better for everyone if the work was done sooner than later.

“It will be nice when they get them fixed, but I know some of the people from out of the city have a little bit of a harder time with it, so...,” King said.

Following the Liberty Bridge lane closure, the City of Bay City asked westbound drivers to use Independence Bridge on the city's northern end, or Lafayette Bridge on the city's southern end.

The route to Independence Bridge is complicated by a construction project that has shut down Trumbull Street between Center Avenue and Woodside Avenue.

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