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A planned spring break trip to Peru turned into anything but a break for Ashley Groth

A planned spring break trip to Peru turned into anything but a break for Ashley Groth.

"I'm trying to contact the U.S. Embassy," said Groth. "We don't know if we have to be quarantined for fifteen days, go back, and have to be quarantined for another fourteen days."

The Bay City native's entire family of five is quarantined because of the coronavirus outbreak. She said when they arrived for their trip to paradise, the country had only 19 confirmed cases, but days later it spiked to more than 100.

"Let's say those 100 cases turn into two or three hundred and we don't know what the president is gonna do," said Groth. 

She said the entire country is in quarantine. As of right now, she said once a day she's allowed to venture out of her hotel for necessities. 

Groth started a YouTube channel to document what's happening and let people back at home know what's going on.

"We're respecting Peru's decision to do this," said Groth. "It might be the right decision, we might be in the safety place right now."

She said she's trying to reach the American Embassy and even went as far as tweeting the president in a desperate attempt to get her family back home. 

One of the main reasons they need to get is home because her husband's job. He is a cardio-thoracic surgeon and he has scheduled life-saving surgeries. 

"If we get the chance to go home, we will take it." said Groth. "My husband is a surgeon and he has patients he has to take care of."

Groth's hoping that this quarantine will end sooner rather than later and she believes it will because everyone is following the rules.

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