Bay City water shutoff notice

Dozens of Bay City residents are demanding answers after they were mistakenly told their water would be turned off.

City leaders said a new utility billing system caused the mistaken notices.

“I pay my bills every month on time,” said Latoya Morris, Bay City resident.

Morris said she has never missed a payment, but somehow, she received a notice in the mail warning her water could be shut off.

“I was shocked because I didn’t know what to do,” Morris said.

Several Bay City residents received that notice - sharing the same shock and confusion.

Bay City Deputy City Manager Tony Reyez said the water shutoff notices that many residents received were sent in error.

“The error that we’re having was because of the new system. We converted the information from the old system to the new system,” Reyez said.

It has caused a host of problems for residents and their bill. In some cases, it threw off the total amount due and generated shutoff notices.

In addition, a threshold was not set for the amount residents needed to owe before receiving a shutoff notice, which could have prevented some residents from receiving them in the first place.

“We set that [threshold] just the other day,” Reyez said.

City leaders confirmed the issue with billing system has been resolved. They said the problem was discovered and corrected in January. 

Residents who have any questions or concerns about their bill are asking to call Utility Customer Service at 989-894-8104. 

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Now if Bay City would force people who use the utilities to actually pay for those utilities instead of letting them get thousands of dollars behind and then simply attach it to the landlords property taxes, that would be awesome. Does anyone really think it's fair that Bay City lets renters sign up for an account, use utilities at the house they are renting and then simply decide to stop paying them with no repercussions? Instead of doing it like every other municipality in the country, Bay City is lazy and thinks it is okay to force the owner of the house to pay other peoples utilities under the threat of losing the house to non-payment of "property taxes" (other people's utility bills). You can't make this stuff up. I'm shocked nobody has sued the city yet. Hey WNEM, why don't you do a story on this very strange practice that Bay City uses to scam landlords!?

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