Beaverton girl to compete on national cooking show Chopped Junior

JULY 16 UPDATE: Sayde Woodruff, 10, was "chopped" on Tuesday's episode. Great job making it as far as you did in the competition Sayde!

A Mid-Michigan girl has a flair for food and is putting her culinary skills to the test on national TV.

She’s going to appear on the junior version of the Food Network show Chopped.

At just 10-years-old, Sayde Woodruff is confident she can give many a seasoned chef a run for their money.

“They think I’m really good and they’re like ‘dang Sayde,’” Sayde said.

Her passion for cooking began with her earliest memories in Beaverton learning the craft from her family one recipe at a time.

“My favorite is either Italian or comfort food,” Woodruff said.

So Sayde’s mixing up a little of both with her lemon butter shrimp and cauliflower risotto.

It’s skills like these that pushed her to apply for Chopped Junior on Food Network.

If you’ve ever tried her food, it’s no surprise she earned a callback.

“It’s kind of weird because it’s the Food Network and it’s national and I’m a small town girl on it,” Woodruff said.

Sayde traveled to New York City earlier this year to record the competition against other young chefs who have to come up with dishes based on surprise basket of ingredients.

She can’t say much until it airs but Sayde said she’s become quite the local celebrity.

“My dad had me practice my autograph just in case,” Sayde said.

But you’ll be surprised to know she’s not planning on using it for long.

She has her eyes set on a future that doesn’t involve the title of chef.

“I want to be a teacher or an interior designer,” Sayde said.

No matter the outcome of the competition, Sayde has words of wisdom for any future chefs whether you’re just starting out, later in life, or 10-years-old like her.

“Mistakes are better than success because you learn from them,” Sayde said.

Catch her "Chopped" episode on Tuesday, July 16 at 8 p.m.

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