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Carrying a concealed weapon might soon get easier after a new bill was introduced that would eliminate needing a license.

The way that the law works now is if you want to carry a concealed weapon, you must have a license. To get that license, a person will have to take a class on guns and safety.

“You need to get into a class. The minimum is 8 hours. You must have three hours of legal and two hours of range time,” Glen Duncan with Duncan’s Outdoor Shop said.

Duncan owns a gun and teaches concealed carry classes. He believes people should be able to carry a concealed weapon.

“Everybody should have the right, the old days of getting a CCW you had to be a friend of the sheriff before you could get one. You had to know the right people and that wasn’t fair,” Duncan said.

He said that the new way is completely fair. He believes concealed carriers need the education classes to stay safe.

“We don’t let policemen go in the street with a uniform on before they go to school. We’re lucky we get a reduced amount of education to carry. You need to be educated, you don’t want to carry a gun without the knowledge because it’s a big difference when you’re protecting somebody,” Duncan said.

The bill still needs to be approved by the house and senate. It could face numerous changes before approval.

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