Attorney generals urge US Supreme Court to overturn gun ruling

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Michigan lawmakers are considering new legislation that would allow some gun owners to carry concealed weapons in schools.

With additional training, CPL holders could get permission to carry in traditionally gun-free zones, including schools, day care centers, churches, stadiums and college dorms.

The package of bills recently passed by the Michigan Senate would requite an extra eight hours of training to get an advanced concealed pistol license.

"It should be a lot more than that, but at least it's a start," said Chuck Melki, owner of Gabriel Protection and Training.

Melki is also a retired police detective. He has mixed feelings on the bills.

Melki believes the amount of training proposed is not enough. He does believe the new laws, if passed, could have a positive impact and may even help prevent mass shootings.

"It can be tragic for people. So if there is someone there that is properly trained and happens to be there and is a good citizen with a firearm and they are properly trained, he may be able to save someone's life," Melki said.

If the legislation is passed it will still allow schools to create policies on whether they would allow guns on school property.

There is some backlash against the bills by local police. They did not want to be identified, but said they are concerned about public safety and it being too easy to carry.

As for Melki, he wants lawmakers to fine tune the bills by adding highly certified firearms instructors and adding a lot more time to the training requirements.

"Hopefully they will use common sense legislation and think about this a little more clear before just signing bills," Melki said.

Do you think licensed owners should be able to carry firearms in gun-free zones?

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