Matt Schembechler at press conference

Matt Schembechler, the son of the former University of Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler alleges his father knew about sexual abuse conducted by the team doctor, Robert Anderson.

The son of legendary University of Michigan football coach, Bo Schembechler, came forward claiming he is among the hundreds of Michigan students sexually assaulted by the late Dr. Robert Anderson and he says his father did nothing to stop it.

“He fondled my genitals. He conducted an invasive rectal exam with his finger,” said Matt Schembechler, son of Bo Schembechler.

Matt, who was 10 years old at the time, said he told Bo what happened to him.

“He lost it. He screamed ‘I don’t want to hear this. I’m not hearing this.’ I tried to tell him repeatedly but my effort earned me a punched in the chest,” Matt Schembechler said.

Matt was part of a press conference on June 10 with other survivors who say they were abused by Anderson. They also alleged that Bo Schembechler knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it. Matt says at one point, Anderson was fired, but that didn’t last long.

“Shortly thereafter, Bo had him reinstated because he needed his team doctor and wanted to ensure Michigan remained part of the Michigan team,” Matt said.

Matt says he is coming forward now with the hopes of preventing abuse on all university campuses.

“Anderson was able to continue this abuse for so long because he was supported by a culture that placed the reputation of the university above the health and safety of the students,” Matt said.

While Matt claims the abuse was the worst kept secret at U of M, he is quick to defend the current head football coach Him Harbaugh who played for his father.

“Jim has nothing to do with this,” Matt said. “He’s the coach at Michigan now with a huge distance between he and Bo and the way it was. I beg you don’t draw Jim Harbaugh into this. He deserves no negative feedback from this, none.”

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