IMAGE: Karl Marker

After an extensive search for Karl Marker, Michigan State Police confirm it was his body found next to his van in Wexford County. 

“When local law enforcement responded, they immediately knew that was the vehicle that we were looking for. When they discovered that it was Mr. Marker’s, they called for a canine and searched the area, and that’s when they found the body,” MSP Lt. Liz Rich said.

The Saginaw County man went missing on Sept. 17 heading towards Fashion Square Mall. His vehicle was spotted Sunday evening in Wexford County's Slagle Township on a two-track roadway disabled in the mud after someone reported it as abandoned.

His body was identified via dental records several days later. Officials say his death is not suspicious.

The group 10 For Karl Marker made a post on Facebook late Sunday evening saying, "It is with a heavy heart that we want to share Karl has been found today."

"It is not the outcome we were hoping for, but the closure we desperately needed,” the family post continues. “Please know we are grateful for everything, and the support during this emotional time for our family. Our family will remain strong and will try to find peace after this difficult loss.”

In his time missing, two milestone dates passed him by. One being his 66th wedding anniversary, and the other, his 88th birthday.

During that time, the Marker family didn’t miss a beat, searching day-in and day-out on the ground and in the air.

"We had many resources that were utilized to attempt to find Mr. Marker. Not only were our troopers out there, but we had teams that were looking for him as well as using our drones to search for him as well. We just were unsuccessful until the vehicle was found last night," Rich said. “They wanted their father; they wanted their grandfather to come home safely to their grandmother. It’s a very sad outcome to the case."

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