IMAGE: Candleite bowling

Under the state's epidemic orders, bowling alleys are one of the few places of recreation, allowed to remain open.

But being open, and turning a profit, are a lot harder than getting a strike.

"We just started this week, we're open Thursday through Sunday only,” said Wendy Sebert. “It's hard, there's not usually a lot of business, I’m thankful so many people came out."

Sebert is the general manager of the Candlelite Sports & Banquet Center.

She says they've had to close up numerous times during the pandemic and has even had to lay off her entire staff, just to stay afloat.

"Mechanizing, counter, you name it, that's what I’m doing," Sebert said.

On top of all that, she says she's not allowed to sell food or drinks either, due to the epidemic order's ban on indoor dining.

But fortunately, bowlers here in the area, say they have a lot of time to spare.

Many of those at Candlelite say they're not only glad to be able to support this business, but also have a place to just hang out during this pandemic.

"It's pretty nice, especially with how much we all work,” said Vassar resident Adam Hildner. “You know you don't get to see each other that much."

"Other than the few restaurants that have the shanty tents and stuff outside, for you to be able to eat outside at the restaurants there's really nowhere for us to hang out," said Vassar resident Kayla Church.

And while she waits on the state to announce the next set of orders on Jan. 15, Sebert says it's all thanks to her customers, that her business has remained out of the gutter.

"Blind faith, that's basically all we have,” she said. “We have to believe that we're going to get through this as a business, and as a community and hopefully someday we'll be able to reopen with food and beverage again and get our leagues back and stuff like that."

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