In a post screaming with excitement, Xavier "Ziggy" Escamilla's mom Prescilla Escamilla announced he's now in remission.

Eleven-year-old Xavier has been in an out of the hospital battling leukemia.

After searching for a bone marrow donor for about a month, Prescilla told TV5 in October his sister Natalia is a 100 percent match.

Here is the big announcement about his remission on Facebook:

A family asked the community for help to keep their son alive, but it turns out the answer was right in their home.

Xavier Escamilla, 11, is fighting for his life against leukemia.

The sixth grader at Marshall Greene Middle School in Birch Run needed to find a matching bone marrow donor. After searching for about a month, his family found a match - his 9-year-old sister Natalia.

"It hurts. He should be living his life like any other 11-year-old would," said Mirreya Escamilla, Xavier's sister.

She wishes he could have the normal life every little boy deserves. Instead of spending his days at school and playing video games, he is fighting for his life in a hospital bed.

"Nobody expects to see their child, brother, nephew, brother, go through something like this. Especially at such a young age," said Miguel Mereles, Xavier's uncle.

Xavier has come a long way in his life, having already been diagnosed with autism. His family said Xavier is one tough little guy.

"The faith and the strength that he has that gives me a lot of strength," said Prescilla Escamilla, Xavier's mother.

She said Xavier always knew he would find a bone marrow transplant donor, which he needed to stay alive.

It's something his family said they'd willingly do for him, but it's extremely hard to find a perfect match to save his life. That is, until his sister matched all 10 markers. It was a 100 percent, his family said.

"She will give him another chance at life by giving her marrow to him," Xavier's mom said. "She's been jumping for joy and she's like 'I knew I was the one.'"

The family's medical expenses are also piling up. You can donate to Xavier's GoFundMe page here.

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