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SAD UPDATE: On Thursday, June 27, Kaylon's mother told TV5 her son has passed away. A public viewing is scheduled from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on July 5 at the Sheldon Banks Funeral Home in Flint, 3021 S. Dort Hwy.

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A mother is pleading for help as her son is suffering from a rare form of brain cancer.

Family members said 15-year-old Kaylon Ross-Howell was diagnosed in November 2018.

The cancer has since spread to his spine and now he is in hospice care.

“Trying to stay strong, but I’m a single parent. I don’t know what to do sometimes. I’m so struggling right now. And I got to stay strong for him,” said Nandraya Howell, Kaylon’s mom.

Kaylon is in for the fight of his life as he battles a rare type of terminal brain cancer.

“It won’t be long. We just put him on hospice Monday. It hurts so bad, but we just gotta make the best out of it for the next couple weeks or months to come,” Nandraya said.

Less than a year ago, Kaylon was a happy and healthy eighth grader with no idea anything was wrong. But that all changed last fall when Kaylon was found unconscious in his school bathroom at Holmes Stem Academy.

Shortly after that, doctors gave family the heartbreaking news.

“I just hate that my sister asked to go through this. That’s why I’ve been here. I’m her biggest supporter,” said Jamesa Howell, Kaylon’s aunt.

Jamesa said the family says they have been working with Make a Wish Foundation to try and make Kaylon’s wish of meeting John Cena or Steve Harvey come true. She says it would help in such a dark time.

“He has a beautiful spirit. He will have you laughing. He will say something. He’s got such a great laugh, an I love this world laugh. It’s so funny,” Jamesa said.

She said attempts to treat the disease with radiation and chemotherapy have only bought them time, but not a cure.

To make matters worse, Nandraya is losing her job at Dress Barn as they close all of the stores. But she is trying to stay strong.

“Keep faith in God. Everything is just turned upside down. Can’t even explain it. It’s a feeling I never want anyone else to have,” Nandraya said.

You can help here.

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