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A Mid-Michigan man – whose family is known for their reality show fame – is breathing easier now that some very real charges against him have been cleared.

Brandon Putman, from the TLC show ‘Meet the Putmans’, was acquitted last week of federal gun charges.

“I was literally trying to keep myself from passing out. It was such an emotional roller coaster, the whole thing,” Brandon said.

Brandon knew he wasn’t guilty all along. On Friday, June 28, a jury vindicated his belief, acquitting him of three federal gun charges that would’ve put him in prison for 10 years.

Brandon is a cast member from ‘Meet the Putmans’, a show about 26 people living under one roof in the small Thumb community of Pigeon.

“You think it’s a fair trial, innocent until proven guilty. But man, it sure didn’t feel like it,” Brandon said.

Federal investigators accused Brandon of illegally trying to turn a semi-automatic gun into a fully automatic machine gun. An affidavit indicates authorities were tipped off by the owner of a tool shop who claims Brandon asked him to make 10 duplicates of a metal part that can make an AR-15 rifle fully automatic.

Brandon insists no laws were broken and he went to trial to prove it.

“We made a decision as a family and we decided to stand up for what we believe is right,” Brandon said.

As you can imagine, Brandon has one proud father.

“He is a hero in my eyes,” said William Putman, Brandon’s father.

At one point, William also faced federal gun charges. A judge dropped them last year.

William said the four-day trial that ended in a not guilty verdict for his son should send a clear message.

“They’re trying to take control of our guns, and Brandon stood up and said, ‘stop.’ And you don’t do that to the federal government. But he did. And as it turned out, the gun owners of Michigan and the country, they won this one,” William said.

After what has been a difficult 18 months, this family is moving on with their lives now that their legal issues are behind them.

“We’re looking forward to taking a vacation,” Brandon said.

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