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Police assuring the CMU and Mount Pleasant community that their safety is the top priority.

Three people were hurt after a fight broke out at Wayside Central Bar in Mt. Pleasant, and now a Central Michigan University student is in custody in connection with the incident.

Mt. Pleasant Public Safety Officers were called to the bar at 2000 S. Mission Street at around midnight on Feb 22.

"So, officers responded to the Wayside bar at 11:55 for an assault that took place," said Sergeant Brandon Bliss from the Mount Pleasant Police Department.  

When they arrived they found three people hurt. A message sent out by Central Michigan University’s emergency alert system said they had been stabbed.

"They required medical attention," said Bliss. "All three victims were transported to local hospitals."

Two of the victims have been identified as CMU students, according to the university.

After numerous witnesses were interviewed, and video footage was reviewed, police said they were able to identify and arrest a suspect, who is a CMU student. They said they were able to do it because the nightclub remained open at the time. 

It’s unclear how long after the incident that arrest was made.

According to police, one of the three victims has been released from the hospital. The condition of the other two victims is still unknown. 

"One has not been released and I'm unsure of the status of the third," said Bliss.

Police also said this was an isolated incident, and there is no concern for public safety at this time.

The suspect is lodged at Isabella County Jail and is expected to be arraigned on Monday, Feb. 24.

"The suspect has been identified, is in custody," said Bliss. 

Wayside Central released this statement on Feb. 23:

First & foremost our number one concern is with the well being of the victim at this time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family during this time. It was a very serious injury & we do not have an update to the victim's health status. We ask that you continue to pray.

Second, I want to commend the EMTs, Mount Pleasant Police Department as well as other law enforcement who assistant, and the Wayside Central staff for handling the situation swiftly and safely following the incident. 

We worked diligently with enforcement and emergency personnel to secure the situation. We shut down at 1:27 following the news from the PD that the suspect had been apprehended. Prior to this, at the direction and advice of law enforcement, we maintained business operations to allow officers to create a perimeter and we assisted in gathering information from witnesses as well as obtaining critical video surveillance. The goal was to not create additional panic, assist in finding an at large suspect, and the safety of those in the area. Please keep the victim in your prayers. 

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Mt. Pleasant Police Department’s Anonymous Tip Line at 989-779-9111.

"Your safety is our number one priority," said Bliss. "We're doing all that we can do to ensure everybody continues to stay safe." 

Central Michigan University President Robert O. Davies put out this statement on his Facebook page:

At CMU, our first priority is the safety of our students, faculty, staff and community. I am grateful for the professionalism and expertise of the CMU Police Department, whose work alongside the Mount Pleasant Police Department led to the rapid identification and apprehension of the suspect. My thoughts are with the victims, and I wish them a very speedy recovery.

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