MSU: Brown recluse spiders found in Davison

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A researcher says a potentially dangerous and venomous spider is being spotted more often in Michigan.

Our CBS affiliates at WWMT report a brown recluse spider was most recently found in Perry, Michigan, according to Howard Russell, an entomologist at Michigan State University.

The spider has already made a recent appearance in Mid-Michigan and is known for its venomous bite.

A Saginaw Township woman who woke up with a mysterious mark believes she was bitten by one. As the days went on, the bite grew worse and the infection spread into her bloodstream.

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She became feverish and made several visits to the doctor and ER. Her doctor said there was no test to conclusively tell her what type of spider bit her, but the bite resembled bites from brown recluse spiders.

The spiders have also been found in Davison and Ann Arbor recently.

Researchers once though brown recluse spiders could not survive and thrive in Michigan, so there is little data on how many exist in the state.

Russell said since 2011, the spider has been confirmed in Genesee, Hillsdale, Ingham, Lenawee, Washtenaw and Shiawassee counties.

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