Bullock Creek Robotics attempts to break Guinness World Record for tallest toilet paper pyramid

Young engineers are putting their talents to the test in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

Inside Bullock Creek High School, you’ll find plenty of rolls of toilet paper, not in the bathrooms, but in the school’s atrium.

Over 27,000 toilet paper rolls make up a pyramid.

The robotics team is in the process of breaking the Guinness World Record for tallest toilet paper pyramid.

“We have an official height which is 16 feet 3 inches and 5/8ths of an inch,” said Maxton Herst, senior. “That’s almost 2 feet over what the current world record is.”

The idea came from Maxton and it’s been four years in the making.

“The idea came up somehow and we kinda looked up and saw it and said that wouldn’t be that hard,” Maxton said. “That was about four years ago. Took four years to convince the robotics team that it might be a good idea.”

Maxton said it took 16 hours total to build.

Mentor Jamie Forbes said beyond this feat, the BlitzCreek 3770 Robotics team provides a set of skills applicable to students' futures.

“Robotics is really a cool program in the sense that it gives students not only the engineering background but also their ability to put their hands and ideas into action,” Forbes said.

“Interpersonal skills and communication skills certainly have been a big one for me,” Maxton said.

In their attempt to break the record, the team is also helping out the community.

“So we are going to deconstruct the pyramid and we are selling the toilet paper as a fundraiser for our team,” Maxton said.

The robotics team said fundraising plays an important role in their efforts.

If you’d like to purchase toilet paper from them, you can email them at Blitzcreek3770@gmail.com or reach out to their Facebook page

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