'Burtucky Days' celebrates redneck culture


Inside the Captain’s Quarters Lounge in Burton, customers are excited.

“It’s just a great great time!” said Nancy Leahy.

They’re getting excited for the 4th Annual "Burtucky".

A fun-filled weekend in mid-September of what organizers call Redneck games, live music and costume contests.

“Somebody comes in here and doesn't have a good time, well, their mindset isn't right,” Leahy said.

Burtuckians from all across Mid-Michigan gather for the event.

“I go around try to give everyone redneck names and give them a tag,” said Deri Diraffeele

Diraffeele has been a bartender the past three events. She said even the food has its own name.

“Baked beans are rabbit pellets, dried worm salad is oriental salad,” Diraffeele said.

And at the Captain’s Quarters Lounge is the parking lot behind be that organizers said will be packed full of people for Burtucky.

There may even be a King and Queen.

New to Burtucky this year is a parade. And for customers like Rick Wallace who haven't attended, it's definitely caught his interest.

“I'm thinking about getting the daughter and granddaughter up here to at least see the parade come in. It sounds like a lot of fun,” Wallace said.

Even if the country life style isn't your thing, customers said it's a blast.

“Come on in and have glass of water or just sit in the parking lot. Guaranteed it will but a smile on your face,” Leahy said. “I think we all have a little redneck in us.”

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