The Rat Bar at the San Francisco Dungeon lets people pet, snuggle and play with rescued rats, then sip a rat-themed cocktail garnished with a beet-derived rat tail, dubbed the 'Ama-rat-o Sour.'

The rats are provided by a local nonprofit called Ratical Rodent Rescue. They are domesticated and safe to handle, marketing manger Jennifer Edwards assures guests.

"The rats are 100 percent clean. It's just like like a dog, but very tiny and friendly," she said.

After being welcomed with a cocktail, guests, who pay $50 a head, tour the dungeon and then spend some quality time with the scurrying rodents, kissing them and letting them snuggle into their hair and walk on their arms. Afterwards, they can retire to the bar for more cocktails.

Jackie Valdez, a 38-year-accountant said she would love to have rats at home, but her other pets make it impossible.

"I love rats, so I had to come and experience them. I live with four cats, so it's kind of hard to have rats and cats together," she said.

Danielle Beard, 35, a bartender from San Rafael, California, says rats get a bad rap.

"A lot of people have bad, negative conceptions, but they're really, they're so cute," she said.

Jim Williams is such a rat fan, he celebrated his 40th birthday at the Rat Bar.

"I love animals," he said with a shrug.

The Rat Bar runs June 13 through 15 at the San Francisco Dungeon.

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