Kawkawlin Twp marijuana center location

A former Lions legend is working to bring marijuana to a Mid-Michigan community.

The former pro-football player is breaking into a new business and hoping to set up shop in Kawkawlin Township.

The plan is to rezone a piece of residential property in order to build a processing center.

Many say if built, the plant could hurt the community. While others say it could pump in money.

“You know, I’m not excited about it,” one resident said.

“I think it’s fine. It’ll bring tax money to the community,” another resident said.

Township residents are more than a little divided over plans to build a medical marijuana facility in their hometown.

The processing center would be run by a company belonging to former Detroit Lion Calvin Johnson. Johnson entered the medical marijuana business shortly after his retirement from the NFL.

Johnson’s lawyer said they plan to build the site behind an abandoned facility in Kawkawlin Township.

The Kawkawlin Township supervisor said Johnson’s company is trying to get the parcel of land rezoned for industrial use. But their application did not include a required site plan so they had to send it back, which means it could be months before a decision is made.

In the meantime, township residents have been voicing their disapproval on the matter.

“You know, it should be about 500 miles from here,” said Mike Gerish, resident.

Gerish has lived in the township for nearly 40 years. He said he is not a fan of the idea or its placement so close to the nursing center nearby.

Others say it’s about time something was done to that vacant property.

“I’m surprised nobody opened one up sooner. I mean, plain and simple, it’s going to be here. It’s always here, might as well make money off of it,” one resident said.

Kawkawlin Township’s next planning meeting is scheduled for early August.

Johnson’s lawyer said they are working on sending a site plan to make the facility into a state-of-the-art processing center.

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