Delta College Public Safety is investigating after a perceived threat was found on campus.

Campus police were made aware of the perceived threat on March 20.

Someone drew a handgun with numbers, letters or symbols written underneath it on a bathroom stall door in the men’s bathroom in the E-wing, campus police said.

Some perceived the writing to be the date March 22, 2018.

Campus police contacted the Michigan Intelligence Operations and the FBI regarding the implied threat. Neither agency has reported any evidence of a specific threat against Delta, campus police said.

The college operated as normal on Thursday, but several students decided not to show up for class.

"I feel like they should have closed because we need to take these threats as credible considering everything that has happened lately over the past couple months," said Bill Azelton, Delta student.

Campus police sent out a message to students on Wednesday saying their would be increase police patrols around campus on Thursday, but some students still didn't feel safe enough to come to class.

Azelton showed up on campus, but he was there for 10 minutes before heading home. More than half of his class emailed his professor saying they weren't showing up for their own safety.

TV5 reached out to Delta's public safety office with students' concerns regarding the number of officers on campus.

Chief Robert Batinkoff provided a statement that read, "We will not be commenting any further on the situation until tomorrow. Our main focus today is patrolling campus for the safety of our students, faculty and staff."

Some of the students who did go to class on Thursday said they definitely noticed a difference.

"It's nice to see security at that amped up point," said Amanda Kennedy, student.

"They said that they're going to have more police out here and I've seen the campus police driving around," said Brandon Chrysler, student.

As for Azelton, he said he will continue to go to class while police investigate.

"I hope that whoever did this is found out and they get the help that they need," Azelton said.

If you have any information regarding this incident you should contact campus police at 989-686-9113.

"I think it's stupid that someone would actually go in and draw a firearm on a stall. In today's times with school shootings and everything, it's not a joke," said Tanner Tysick, student.

Tysick said he was not going to class on Thursday after the threat was found.

"It's a pretty cruddy drawing and who knows if it was just a drawing at first and somebody wrote the date underneath of it? I think it just needs to be taken serious in all honesty," Tysick said.

Batinkoff said they've dug for a paper trail on social media, had the FBI investigate and more. He said they are taking it seriously.

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