Cannabis beer from Rochester Mills

Cannabis beer is coming to Michigan after a California company acquired a  brewing company in Rochester.

Officials at the brewing company in Michigan say this acquisition is a good deal and there’s no need for panic.

In the world of craft beers, the word acquisition strikes fear in the hearts of loyal customers.

But David Youngman of Rochester Mills Brewing said there’s no reason to panic when it comes to the west coast brewery Two Roots purchasing Rochester Mills brewing.

“We are still brewing beer here,” Youngman said. “And this is not a major-macro brewery coming in and taking over and gobbling up an independent craft brewer. They’re craft brewers themselves.”

In fact, there is room for growth and optimism of venture in a whole new market, one that involves legal weed.

“It’s exciting to be part of a new innovative product that’s going to be made the same way we make our product now,” Youngman said.

They’re calling this marriage of cannabis and beer, “cannabeer.”

While Rochester Mills will do the brewing, a third party will add the cannabis and a consumer will have to buy it at a dispensary.

“It would have to be infused at a licensed facility to do that,” Youngman said. “So there will be no cannabis at the Rochester Mills production facilities.”

In addition to adding the special ingredient, they are also taking something away from the beer.

“We are looking at a product that has a better taste to it,” Youngman said. “You know it’s brewed traditionally as a traditional beer is, and the alcohol is removed.”

So why Rochester Mills?

“We’re strategically located to hit the midwest, east coast, as well as send product off to Canada,” Youngman said.

Youngman said they have the room to make it all happen.

“And one thing you can see is we are positioned to grow,” Youngman said.

With the hope that it will be available along with its own iconic brands sooner rather than later.

“We’re looking at early 2020 for Two Roots products to be made right here in Michigan,” Youngman said.

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