Car detailing shops busy due to road salt damage to vehicles

Now that the temperatures are starting to rise, many are taking the time to have their vehicle detailed before the salt damages the paint.

Salt is great for getting rid of icy conditions on roadways but it’s definitely not great for your car.

Thanks to warmer weather, ice and snow are melting but it’s leaving behind the products we use to get rid of it.

“Salt is really corrosive so when oxygen and water mix it causes rust when that hits the vehicle's metal and then adding salt to that it like speeds that process up a lot,” said Jeffrey Gunther, the owner of Sweet Detailing.

Business is busy for Gunther in Thomas Township.

Salt is one of the biggest enemies in the winter.

He said it’s best to get salt off your vehicle as soon as possible.

“Some people go a week or two weeks, even months, some people don’t even wash their cars throughout the whole winter and that’s what really makes things bad because now you’re leaving it on and not touching it," Gunther said. "That’s not good for anything and you’re letting it do work on your vehicle and really cause serious damage.”

The good news is Gunther said there are preventative measures drivers can take before bad weather hits.

Special sealants can both protect the frame and exterior.

“Alls a coating is, is a it’s wax on steroids like kind of mega wax," Gunther said. "The hardness scale is it’s harder than the clear coat on your car and you kind of want something like that on there because it’s going to protect your vehicle long term.”

Gunther said these tips and tricks will help car owners with resale value and protect their investment for generations to come and as always reach out for help if you need it.

“The other thing you want to be big on is reach out to a professional, reach out to someone certified and knows what they’re doing before they touch your vehicle,” Gunther said.

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