Cat left 'frozen' in plastic tote outside Midland humane society

Source: Humane Society of Midland County

The Humane Society of Midland County said when staff arrived Friday morning they found a senior male cat left in a plastic tote with a rock on top.

“He was extremely cold and had his own feces frozen to his body. Leaving him like this in these elements could have killed him,” the humane society wrote on Facebook.

The animal shelter said it is never OK to leave a stray animal outside in these weather conditions.

“Midland City Police can and will transport stray animals in need during the winter and there are many volunteers in the community willing to help get these animals to us safely after hours,” the post said.

The humane society said if you find an animal after hours to please call non-emergency dispatch or message their Facebook page so they can refer you to the proper authorities.

"Had to kinda do a double take. Like is that really a cat," said Diane Winkler, volunteer and foster program coordinator at the humane society.

That was her reaction after seeing a box with a large rock placed on top and a very cold and scared 7-year-old cat inside.

"Got here at 9 as usual and walked up to the front door and noticed the box. And sometimes they can be donations, but I looked closer and saw the kitty inside," Winkler said.

Winkler said the cat was taken inside the shelter and cared for right away.

"We did a physical exam. He did have some frozen fecal matter so he got a bath. He got some basic vetting and of course some food and warm bedding and we got him all settled," Winkler said.

The cat goes by the name Rockefeller now.

"Because there was a rock on top of his cage. And because of Rockefeller Square where they do ice skating. And there was some ice in his cage. It was cold," Winkler said.

It's still a mystery as to who left him on the shelter's doorstep.

"Someone was trying to do the right thing, just didn't know what to do would be my guess," Winkler said.

Rockefeller is now looking for a home.

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