Image: Braveheart the cat

A stray cat was found badly injured and left for dead is now given a second chance thanks to the community’s generosity.

Braveheart is recovering from injuries on his face and backside which officials believe was caused by fireworks someone may have attached to him.

“He had suspected damage that they thought was from a firework. Probably placed in his mouth or near his mouth,” said Gretchen Sommer, with Lucky Day Animal Rescue in Grand Blanc.

Braveheart had a horrific Fourth of July; his horrific injuries now cover his face.

“The face is that they’re going to do that to an animal. Studies have shown that they will move on to humans,” Sommer said.

Sommer said Braveheart has burns and severe injuries along his face, neck, and ears.

They suspect someone intentional lit a firework to injure the cat.

Braveheart has a fracture on both his upper and lower jaw. He has a hole that goes through his chin and into his mouth.

“He’s having a little bit of a hard time eating. So we may have to have a feeding tube placed. Right now they are kind of wanting to see if he could eat, and kind of let him relax a little bit. We will probably move forward with the surgery,” Sommer said.

Braveheart received emergency medical treatment for his injuries, he was even transferred to Michigan State University.

He is doing better, the vet said he is not 100 percent, but he is stable.

Sommer said the stray cat was rescued near Gamma Lane in Flint.

“A person like that is a danger to society. They need help and its just not far-fetched from going from an animal to a child, I’m going to another vulnerable person. It’s not acceptable,” Sommer said.

Sommer hopes to find a new home for Braveheart once he recovers physically. She said emotionally he’s already looking to the future.

“Loving and headbutting and purring and he holds no hard feelings for humans whatsoever. So I’m trying to learn from him and I have so much hate in my heart for the person that did this,” Sommer said.

If you would like to help Braveheart's recovery and donate to his medical expenses, click here

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