***WARNING: Some may find this video disturbing***

A shocking video has surfaced, showing three teens viciously beating and stomping a Michigan boy who attends a school for kids with special needs.

The video is hard to watch; three teens unleashing vicious punches on their victims, who then continue with stomps to the victim’s head.

That victim is Kenny Buber, 14, a student at Beacon Day School.

"Yeah, we were all crying. We were very upset. He's a teenage boy, not perfect by far, but for kids to stomp other, one boy in the head, where he could have been killed, we don't want, there needs to be awareness brought to what's going on downriver, with these kids," said Tracy Wiggins, Kenny’s step-mom.

The teen is suffering from cuts, bruises, and a concussion.

The three pushed Buber off his bike, and launched the attack Jan. 2 in Wyandotte.

Videotaping it all, one of the suspect’s 12-year-old sister.

Wyandotte Police said that 12-year-old’s video has helped them identify her, and the three involved in the vicious beating.

"That could affect the rest of their life, our son could have been killed, these boys could be in jail for murder, it's serious," Wigging said.

Police said they expect to have all three attackers, plus the 12-year-old sister in custody soon.

All are expected to face juvenile charges.

The victim’s mother said the 14-year-old stood up to a 15-year-old, who then came back with the other two to launch the attack.

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