Caught on camera: Police fight in botched Michigan drug raid

Source: CNN

A botched police drug raid in Detroit was caught on camera.

Officers busted into a suspected drug house not knowing that undercover cops were inside. That led to a violent confrontation among officers.

At first glance, the video may seem like any other Detroit police raid on any drug house. However, in reality, this is the type of mix-up that could have cost lives.

More than two dozen heavily armed officers from the 11th precinct invaded a home, unaware they were facing undercover cops from the 12th precinct posing as drug dealers.

"Thank God no one got seriously hurt or even worse, killed,” Former Detroit Asst. Police Chief Steve Dolan said.

On the force for more than 30 years, Dolan once took part in these types of raids. He also ran internal affairs, the unit now investigating how things went horribly wrong.

"They'll do a deep dive on this, they will talk to those officers, they are gonna see if proper notifications were made and if they were not, why not,” he said.

Eventually, the Wayne County prosecutor will review the video and determine if criminal charges will be filed. The police chief already admitted a breakdown in communication prior to the incident Thursday night near 7 Mile and Andover.

"They appear to be like Kingstone cops. I could not agree more. Very embarrassing to this organization,” Chief James Craig said.

Thankfully, no officers were seriously hurt - unlike two decades ago when two died under similar circumstances.

"They were at the start of their careers and one was single, the other was married, with a family and it really rocked the department,” Craig said.

The raid was recorded by an officer's body camera.

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