Centers doing what they can to protect people from cold

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While the cold might make it a great night to stay in and snuggle up in front of a fire, for some it's a matter of survival.

Shelters around Mid-Michigan are going all they can to help anyone needing to come in from the cold.

"I decided to come out and maybe get some warmer clothes, maybe a jacket," said Shaunna McVicar.

She is happy she has the new Center for Hope to go to when it's freezing outside.

McVicar said she doesn't have a place to call home and turns to the center to keep her warm and fed.

"A lot of people need this stuff, like need it need it," she said.

She came to the Catholic Charities shelter in Flint in hopes of getting extra clothes to make the outside temperatures a little more bearable.

Shiangel Brown went to pick up some donated items too. She is a single mom with three kids.

"It's the kind of stuff that we're lacking like clothing and things you need to live like shoe stuff and hats. This place always has stuff I need," Brown said.

Vicky Schultz is the CEO of Catholic Charities. She said hundreds of people in need and homeless walk through her doors, especially when weather is this brutal.

"Trying to keep as many people warm as possible," Schultz said.

She said she is able to help so many people because of the help the community provides.

"And I really hope that people don't forget about us as we celebrate the holidays and maybe they're getting rid of some old stuff. I just hope that they're able to come here and drop off what they don't need," Schultz said.

The center said some of the most important items when this kind of weather hits is blankets and gloves.

The Center for Hope takes donations Monday through Friday and is always seeking volunteers.

Schultz said during the winter months, extra help means the most.

As for McVicar, she said right now she is just trying to stay warm but plans on a brighter future when it heats up.

"Going to try to go back to school. I went to Baker and I'm going to try to find a job," she said.

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