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Charges will not be filed against a woman in connection to a shooting in Flint Township earlier this month.

The shooting happened at the Planet 3 Trampoline Park on Jan. 18 and left 43-year-old Damon Hodges dead.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton determined the shooting was in self-defense and she will not be charged, the prosecutor's office said.

"I believe her actions were reasonable under the law and I will not seek criminal charges against her," Leyton said.

Authorities said prior to the incident, Hodges and a woman got into a heated argument.

"They argued over his refusal to remove the snow from her car and his failure to get a job," Leyton said.

He then began to strangle her while sitting in the car.

A witness in the parking lot described to police what he saw and heard.

"He heard the woman being strangled say, 'call 911' but was unsure if she was talking to him or someone else in her SUV," Leyton said.

Prosecutors said it wasn't his first assault on this woman or her 14-year-old son as seen during an altercation with Hodges in a video.

"This is the same young man that he put the belt around his neck and tried to strangle him," Leyton said.

Officials said Hodges' background of violence dates back to 1993 and included assaulting a police officer, several women, and even his own child at just 16-days-old who later died.

Hodges served 15 years in prison for that incident.

"That left her with brain damage, deaf and blind and it was noted in the records that it was one of the worst assaults that the doctors down at the Detroit Children's Hospital had ever seen," said Tammy Phillips, chief assistant.

Police said Hodges threatened to kill the shooter multiple times and even burn down her house with her inside.

In a text message, he told her, "the police can't save you."

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