Chicago hospitals see Baby Boom nine months after World Series

Source: CNN

A maternity unit is busy place, but bring the babies conceived under the stars that shone when the Cubs won it all and its Bedlam befitting the history made that night.

"I think we were hopeful that it would work out that way and when we found out that we were pregnant it just made it that much more special,” Erin Hattinger said.

Born July 17, the Hattinger’s of Barrington named their world series baby Theo.

"A great leader and somebody to look up to obviously, so that's what the Cubs represent for us,” Dave Hattinger said.

The staff said Baby Booms ebb and flow, but when something overwhelming happens - like the 2003 North American Blackout - there are noticeable waves, especially now at the hospital closest to Wrigley.

"I think there's definitely a bit of luck that comes into the fact that they all got pregnant right around the World Series but sometimes you'll get lucky with these things,” said Dr. Melissa Dennis, OB-GYN and advocate at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Dennis said if a woman consults her caregiver early in a pregnancy a conception date can be determined to within a 2-3-day window.

"We found out the day after the Cubs won the world series that we were pregnant so that's a huge moment for us to celebrate,” Natalie Pelnar said.

The Pelnars of Palatine said they didn't plan this but their July 16 baby is named Addison.

Wrigley would have been the name had he been a girl.

"I'm really looking forward to being able to share this moment with that once he's older and as well as going to many more Cubs games with him,” Joe Pelnar said.

With the World Series trophy twinkling beside him little Iker, born just this past Monday, basked in the glow of being a World Series baby.

Even if his father said his name means soccer player.

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