Home where 6 year old was with dead parent, unconscious adult

Police believe a Mid-Michigan 6-year-old may have been in a home with one parent dead, and another person unconscious for at least a day.

Now officials say they strongly suspect drug use contributed to the man's death.

"This is tragic, it could've been a lot worse, but this is tragic," said Mt. Morris Township Police Chief Terence Green.

Chief Green said officers were called to a home on Oleander Drive after the child's grandparent, who lives in Tennessee, reached out for help.

The grandparent in Tennessee said they saw photos that the girl had posted of the adults online. The child posted the pictures on Facebook in an attempt to get help.

"She was in that home alone for at least 24 hours," Green said.

Investigators also said the girl tried to wake up the adults by splashing water on them.

Inside the home, officers found the child’s father dead, and the man's wife unconscious.

The traumatic event was made worse for the girl by a dog that was in the home, which Green said chewed on the man's face after he was dead.

Chief Green said at this time they believe narcotics were involved, but say they are still awaiting results from a toxicology report.

However, Green said the situation could've easily been avoided if her previous caretakers had simply shown better judgement.

"If this is drugs, I mean, it just epitomizes the problem we have with drugs," Green said. "Especially, I mean this is how children, is what I would describe are caught in the crossfire."

The woman is currently at the hospital in stable condition but has serious medical issues. Investigators said she is not cooperating with police.

"If this 6-year-old had not begun to contact the person in Tennessee we do believe that based on the unconscious female's condition, she might not have survived either," Green said.

The girl is now in the custody of her biological mother. She was hungry and scared, but otherwise OK, according to police.

The community is shocked by the events, saying that having tragedies like this are simply disheartening.

"When death is already a hard thing to deal with and when it happens so tragically it's deeper," said Latasha Chandler from Flint.

"What's this world coming too," said Steve Craig from Flint. "You know that's going to be our future, the kids are our future."

Residents in the area said this type of behavior is inexcusable with a child nearby.

"It's more about the narcotics then it is about the kids, so we got to some kind of way to get that out of here," Craig said.

"It concerns me a lot, you know it's dangerous and people don't ever take that into consideration," Chandler said. 

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