Bay City's proposed budget

Residents want to know more about millions of dollars marked in Bay City’s proposed budget.

City leaders will discuss the city’s $150 million proposed budget Monday night.

At least $53 million in the budget has been labeled for “other services.” Residents want to know exactly where the money is going.

“Things that fall under other services can be a huge amount of things,” City Manager Dana Muscott said.

Muscott said there’s a plethora of expenses that can be found under other services in the city’s proposed budget. About one-third of the $150 million 2019-2020 budget is marked other services.

Things included under that category include attorney fees, professional services, travel, lodging, meals, utilities, various forms of maintenance – including ground, office equipment, and vehicles.

“It includes payments, like I said, to retirees. That’s $18 million out of that other services,” Muscott said.

There are 12 pages of the proposed budget dedicated to other services, totaling nearly $53 million.

Muscott said this budget approach is standard across the state of Michigan.

TV5 asked Muscott why the city doesn’t list line items for every part of its budget.

“There is such a thing as a line item budget, but our commissioners choose not to adopt it by line item. They do it by fund because we go through the line items at the budget hearings,” Muscott said.

Muscott was quick to point out those budget hearings are open to the public. She also encourages residents to ask questions if they’re curious about the budget.

“Just call our offices. I mean, we can tell them what’s in those budgets. We have no problem if they call us. We’d love to sit down with them and discuss it. It’s open. We’re very transparent about what we’re doing,” Muscott said.

If you have any questions about Bay City’s budget, you can call 989-894-8146.

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