Midland High cheer section

The city of Midland is getting fired up because Midland High’s football team will head to the state semi-finals this weekend.

“Community reaction is great,” said Eric Albright, athletic director for Midland High School.

Albright is thrilled about all the support for his football Chemics.

“It’s amazing how fast the school year goes when your football team makes a run in the playoffs and you look up and it’s November. And great energy, lot of fun for our kids,” he said.

Senior middle linebacker Andrew Capua said the fan base has always backed his squad, even when times were difficult.

“Not many people were expecting this going into the season 0-2. And we came out on top and started getting better. We got better after every game. And it’s crazy. Everyone is super excited,” Capua said.

Senior center James Harris said the enthusiasm for this team reaches well beyond the city limits. He said Midland fans packed the stands at the last road game more than 100 miles away.

“Last week it felt like we were a home game because we had more Chemics there than Walled Lake had there. So it was awesome,” Harris said.

Even the cross-town rivals are in the spirit.

“Even though I went to Dow, it’s cool to see kids that I’ve heard of doing so well and succeeding in their football career,” one resident said.

“I graduated from Dow last year, but it’s just amazing to see a team from this town do as well as they are. And I hope they make it to the finals,” another resident said.

As for Albright, he is hoping fans get to enjoy the school’s first finals appearance since 2007 with a win this Saturday.

“Go Chemics,” he said.

The Chemics take on Mona Shores on Saturday at Grand Ledge High School at 1 p.m.

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