City-wide neighborhood watch organized


Christopher Brashaw has lived in Bay City his whole life. He loves his hometown but he's worried that it is being invaded by a criminal element.

"I'm really fed up with what's going on," Brashaw said.

Brashaw lives near Birney Park and said the atmosphere there is starting to go downhill.

"We see the crack pipes in the pavilion and by the trash," Brashaw said.

That's why Brashaw co-founded the city-wide neighborhood watch page on Facebook with more than 4,000 members.

The goal is to use social media to help residents reclaim their neighborhoods and for its members to be another set of eyes for law enforcement.

"We want a safe place to live, a safe place to work, and a safe place to raise our family," Brashaw said.

Police said they appreciate this group's efforts.

"We're supportive of community groups and neighborhood watch," said Bay City Public Safety Capt. Joseph Lanava.

Lanava said that having residents on the lookout is a great help.

"These groups bring the community together and assist us in fighting crime," Lanava said.

Brashaw said his group has teamed up with the Bay City Neighborhood Alliance. He's thrilled to have so many people willing to do their part to fight crime. He just wants everyone to remember to leave catching the bad guys to the professionals.

"We do not want any vigilantes. We want people to be vigilant but not vigilante type stuff. You know we don't want people to go out there and take the law into their own hands," Brashaw said.

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