IMAGE: Back to the bricks

Hot roads, hot dogs and hot tunes. It’s a blast from the past at Back to the Bricks Rolling Cruise.

Ken Vanniman has been cruising for Flint’s Back to the Bricks for more than a decade

"It's just wonderful. Sometimes we'll put an old tape in some 60's music and just totally enjoy it," Vanniman said.

Wednesday night he rolled down Saginaw Street in style, rocking the yellow fuzzy dice. This year he drove his 1956 Ford Sunliner convertible he named Ragdoll.

"This car is one of 150 with dual four-barrel carburetors which is very unusual," he said.

But whether you’re cruising or watching from the sides, you’re bound to see some cars that catch your eye.

Ed Gilhooly said he saw some cars that interested him

“A couple '57 Chevys, a couple old Buicks."

Ed has traveled a long way to see those cars.

"I'm from San Antonio, Florida,” he said. “All the way because I knew they had this this year."

Others at Back to the Bricks are locals, like Mayor Weaver and Ken Miller, who brought his 2009 Saturn Skye.

“it's a limited-edition car, it's one of 500,” Miller said. "It's a fun car to drive, turbo five speed. [It will] get you in trouble, if you're looking to get in trouble."

If you’re looking for the coolest cars around, they’ll be cruising around Flint all week.


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